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741 Hz Inner Child Healing Subliminal

Inner Child Healing Subliminal


The term “inner child” is frequently used to describe the connection you have within yourself to your child self and childhood memories. Certain behaviors or emotions may mimic those you experienced as a child, causing you distress as you attempt to navigate an adult world. In doing inner child work, through Inner Child Healing Subliminal, the inner child is a symbolic child version of you who can be talked to, saved, supported, and guided to help you make changes in your adult life and feel compassion for your current and past selves.

Benefits of 741 Hz Inner Child Healing Subliminal:

  • Feel more connected to your body, your emotions and your needs.
  • The ability to clearly communicate how you are feeling and what your needs are.
  • Recognize limits and set them accordingly.
  • Improved self esteem.
  • Increased self-confidence and personal strength.
  • Ability to experience joy and a new attitude towards life after deafness.
  • Improvement in self-love and self-care.
  • Improved many psychological issues (such as bullying, depression, anxiety, anger and anger management, abandonment issues, self-sabotage, relationship issues, codependency)


The Audio

741 Hz Inner Child Healing Subliminal

What's in the audio?

Solfeggio - 741 Hz aids in allowing us to vocalize our truth with out fear or hesitation. This frequency heals past blocks, the inner-child, traumas and resistances related to confidence, self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness.

Isochronic Theta 5.5 Hz - Childhood awareness, vivid memories, move beyond knowledge to knowing, shows vision of growth needed, Inner Guidance, intuition

These subliminal affirmations are not audible to the human ear but are heard by the subconscious mind. Subliminals work by bypassing the filters of the conscious mind, sending very clear messages into the subconscious.

I respect my childlike innocence.
I am safe.
I validate my inner child`s thoughts and feelings.
I am secure.
I love my inner child unconditionally.
I am supported.
I re-parent my inner child with love, understanding and compassion.
I am loved.
I listen to my inner child`s needs.
I am perfect just the way I am.
My inner child often has the right answer for me.
I am loveable just the way I am.
I trust my inner child.
I am whole.
I feel safe being innocent and vulnerable.
I am protected.
I will listen more and more to my inner child in the future.
I am nurtured.
I will stop ignoring my inner child and pay more attention to it.
I am deserving.
I choose to embrace my inner child.
I am whole.
It is okay to think differently than others.
I am protected.
I am worthy.
I am a strong person for showing my vulnerability.
I am amazing.
My inner child deserves to have a voice.
I am treasured.
I give myself permission to have fun and play.
I am complete.
It is okay to be playful, silly and naïve even as an adult.
I can be me.
I am grateful that I reconnected with my inner child.
I am valuable.
I love being playful and friendly.
I am worthy.
I give myself permission to be innocent and playful.
I am loved no matter what.
Re-parenting my inner child is the best thing I can do for my self-growth.
I am healed.
Re-parenting my inner child helps me be a better parent to my own children.
I am lovable, loving and loved.
I choose to let go of pain and focus on healing all aspect of my inner child.
I am unique in every way and I rejoice in it.
My inner child is not alone through the healing process.
I love my Inner child unconditionally.
I give myself time to heal my inner child.
My childhood does not define me and has no power over me anymore.
I will protect my inner child to the best of my ability.
I am thankful for all the ways my inner child has helped me become more in alignment with my true self.
I will take time to listen to my Inner Child and to follow through on promises.
I am a loving, nurturing parent to my inner child.
It is safe for me to receive.
I will integrate my Inner Child into my life through play, creativity, and spirituality.
It is safe for me to give.
I accept myself just as I am, knowing that I am constantly growing.
It is safe for me to be loved.
I love the innocent, open, loving child that I am inside.
It is safe for me to love.
The more I love and appreciate my inner child, the more access I have to my brilliant, creative mind.
It is safe for me to be happy.
My inner child is the doorway to the joy and peace I have always wanted.
It is safe for me to have fun.
Nurturing and caring for my inner child is my doorway to health and healing.
It is safe for me to play.
Healing and loving my inner child gives me access to my natural sense of humor and fun.
It is safe for me to grow.
When I love and care for my body, I’m loving and caring for my inner child.

The Video


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