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396 Hz Happiness Subliminal

Happiness Subliminal

Happiness is a general term for experiencing positive emotions such as joy, contentment and fulfillment.

Everyone strives to attain Happiness, yet different people have different definitions of what Happiness is. Happiness is typically an emotional state marked by emotions of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfilment. Although there are many distinct definitions of Happiness, it is said to involve joyful feelings and a sense of fulfilment in one’s life.

We should choose Happiness because a happy person is more likely to thrive at work, make more friends and be more productive.

When people are Happy, they feel better about themselves and make those around them Happier and more productive.

Happiness makes us feel better in general and even makes us more attractive to others. The psychological benefits of happiness also include better pain tolerance, higher self-esteem, and lower anxiety levels.

Being Happy keeps you positive and helps you stay motivated throughout the day. We can all choose to be Happy and let go of the things that weigh us down.

Happy people tend to have a more positive outlook on life and experience less stress and worry. We all know that stress cripples the body and increases the risk of chronic illness, anxiety and depression. If you learn to let go and get out of stressful situations, you will become stronger over time.

Happiness is a choice you can make about how you live your life. You can always start by practicing gratitude, positive thinking and listen to 396 Hz Happiness Subliminal on a daily basis. Complimenting others or even smiling to a stranger for no reason can actually go a long way in increasing your Happiness level.

Benefits of 396 Hz Happiness Subliminal:

  • Happiness leads to better physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Happiness strengthens your immune system.
  • Happiness promotes a healthier lifestyle.
  • Happiness helps you feel less pain.
  • Happiness helps you live longer.
  • Happiness increases your strength and courage.
  • Happiness increases your productivity and success.
  • Happiness translates into better relationships and better marriages.
  • Happiness makes you kinder, giving and more generous.

The Audio

396 Hz Happiness Subliminal

What's in the audio?

396 Hz Solfeggio Tone - Turns grief into joy - provides some relief from the negative energy and emotions.

0.9 Hz - Delta Brain Waves - Feeling of Euphoria - Isochronic Tone

3.5 Hz - Delta Brain Waves - Feeling of unity with everything - Feeling of calmness - reducing anger and irritability - Isochronic Tone

These subliminal affirmations are not audible to the human ear but are heard by the subconscious mind. Subliminals work by bypassing the filters of the conscious mind, sending very clear messages into the subconscious.

I am grateful to be alive.
I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.
I am thankful for all the people in my life who love and support me.
I am grateful for every opportunity life presents to me.
I am grateful for every second of my life.
Being grateful helps me attract even more things to be grateful about.
Happiness is a part of my life.
I am happy, successful and independent.
I am worthy of success and wealth.
I deserve to be happy and enjoy my success.
Being successful is something that helps me help other people.
I am becoming more and more successful and happy each day.
I am surrounded by peace, harmony and good energy.
My inner peace helps me get through anything.
Peace and happiness go hand in hand for me.
I enjoy taking some time to enjoy the peace and quiet during the day.
I attract peaceful and relaxed people in my life.
I am free to choose to be happy.
I am peaceful, happy, healthy, and free to be me.
I am happy now and in all future moments.
Every day I attract circumstances and situations that fill me with joy.
I choose to be happy everyday.
Happiness is my birthright.
No matter what happens today, I will find the positive in it.
I awaken grateful for today and I choose happiness.
I live my life with gratitude and happiness.
I am grateful for the beautiful things in my life.
Happiness is my moment to moment, day to day choice.
I am happy, healthy, and grateful.
I choose happiness and joy in each and every moment.
Happiness is a natural response to being grateful.
I am happy by choice.
I enjoy a life of happiness, health, and harmony.
My life is filled with happiness, peace, and love.

The Video


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