Frequencies of Change

Relaxation Music

Relaxation music can leave you feeling  more content, happier, and more mentally and emotionally balanced.

Listening to relaxation music at night will help you sleep better, help you let go of worries and stressful thoughts that are often draining.

Relaxation music made available here are could be combined with Affirmations, Subliminals and frequencies that offer a wide range of benefits when stated.

Relaxation music benefits:

  • Can Invoke Positive Emotions.
  • Can Enhance the Quality of Sleep.
  • Can Improve Brain Function.
  • Can Reduce the Levels of Stress and Anxiety.
  • Can Help You Focus and Study.
  • Can put You in a Better Mood.
  • Can Reduce Pain.
  • Can Relax Your Body and Help with Meditation.
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