Heal All 7 Chakras While You Sleep

Heal All 7 Chakras While You Sleep Affirmations

It takes 40 days to shift a belief!


frequenciesofchangeHeal All 7 Chakras While You Sleep Affirmations

the ingredients


Isochronic Alpha 10.5 Hz Descending To Theta 6 Hz - Alpha - Theta brainwave frequency is relaxing, dreamy and sleepy state.

Root - 194.18 Hz and 8 Hz 

Sacral - 210.42 Hz and 9 Hz 

Solar Plexus - 126.22 Hz and 10 Hz 

Heart - 136.10 Hz and 10.5 Hz 

Throat - 141.27 Hz and 12 Hz 

Third Eye - 221.23 Hz and 13 Hz 

Crown - 172.06 Hz and 15 Hz 


Each Chakra is Approximately 51 Minutes in Length

Root Chakra Subliminal Affirmations - Basic Trust 

I am both humble and powerful.
I am grounded and grateful.
I am at home in my own life.
I am rooted and deeply connected to my life.
I am safe, secure, and steady.
I am safe, centered, and grounded.
I am deeply connected to the earth and rooted in my own life.
I am grounded, steady, and secure in my life.
I am whole and complete.

Sacral Chakra Subliminal Affirmations - Creativity 

I am strong, sensitive, and sweet.
I am creative, kind, and sensual.
I enjoy conscious sensual play.
I am in harmony with my sexual energy.
My emotions and feelings are grounded and strong.
I have healthy and abundant relationships with others.
My boundaries are clear and conscious.
I am able to relate with others peacefully and naturally.
My creative energy flows through me.
I am in touch with my purpose and passion in life.
I nourish my mind, body, and spirit with healthy choices.
I feel at home in my body and the world.
I am at peace and harmony with myself.

Solar Plexus Chakra Subliminal Affirmations - Wisdom - Power 

I have unique gifts and talents that I share powerfully with the world.
I am powerful, playful, and profound.
I am a bright light and I am here to bring my unique gifts to the world.
I am at peace in my life. I am at peace in the world.
I am accountable and responsible for all my actions.
I am a strong and powerful being.
I am intelligent.
I make great decisions in life.
I am confident and secure with myself.
I am disciplined and make choices in harmony with the universe.
I am a strong and independent being.

Heart Chakra Subliminal Affirmations - Love - Healing 

I love myself and extend this love out into the world.
I am loving, lovable, and loved.
I deeply love and honor myself.
I love myself, my life, and my gifts.
I am able to receive love from all those who offer it.
I give love freely to all beings who seek it.
I am an amazing human being with a lot to offer people and the world.
I validate myself and don’t need others to validate me.
I attract relationship in harmony with my authentic self.
I attract people into my life who love me.
I am a compassionate and understanding being.
I forgive myself and others in all circumstances.
I am able to let go of all sadness and negative emotions that don’t serve me.

Throat Chakra Subliminal Affirmations - Communication

I speak the truth with loving kindness.
My communication is open, clear, kind, and honest.
I speak clearly, kindly, and with intention.
My words are loving, kind, and authentic.
My truth flows through me gracefully.
I can speak powerfully with ease.
People want to hear what I have to say.
I have an authentic voice that is valid and wise.
I am able to speak my truth with love and compassion.
I am connected to my authentic purpose in life and share it with the world.

Third Eye Chakra Subliminal Affirmations - Awareness 

I am wise and wonderful.
I follow my intuition and my inner guidance.
I trust myself and my intuition.
I see all things clearly and trust my insights.
I am connected with all dimensions of life.
I am in touch with my higher self.
My creativity flows through me abundantly.
I am connected to my inner wisdom.
I am connected to the wisdom of the universe.
I am connected to all beings who serve my purpose in the universe.

Crown Chakra Subliminal Affirmations - Spirituality

I am connected to All That Is.
I am one with the universal consciousness.
I am a sacred and cosmic being.
Ecstasy and bliss is my birthright.
The power of love flows through me in every moment of my life.
I flow naturally with greatness and grace.
I am intelligent and listen to my inner wisdom.
I understand and am present in all maters of life.
I am in harmony with the Universe.


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Music by NaturesEye from Pixabay


Image by Dr StClaire from Pixabay

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