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999 HZ Connect With Your Higher Self Affirmations

Connect With Your Higher Self Affirmations

By making a connection with Your Higher Self, you can access your inner knowledge and discover your true potential and purpose. We may make more genuine and satisfying decisions by tapping into this deeper level of consciousness, which will help us better understand ourselves, our purpose in life, and our place in the world.

Greater self-awareness, acceptance, and alignment with your actual purpose are all signs that you are in touch with Your Higher Self and are therefore living a more fulfilling life. You can build a deeper sense of calm, joy, and wellbeing when you are in this level of higher consciousness.

You can let go of emotional baggage and unfavorable beliefs that once had a negative impact on your relationships when you establish a connection with Your Higher Self.

In order to create a healthier and more soulful relationship, connection to Your Higher Self has an effect on an emotional level, assisting you in letting go of the past and treating internal wounds.

The number 999 is a sign from the Universe letting you know that some parts of your life are coming to an end and are about to end. It can refer to a career change, completing a project, relationship or letting go of an old way of thinking. 999 also tells you not to hold on to your past. When you see the number 999, you should consider this as the last step before moving on to something new. The number 999 is also calling you to accept the changes that are happening around you and within you and to work towards your purpose in life. The number 999 indicates that your emotional, physical and mental states are working in harmony with Your Higher Self.

Benefits of 999 HZ Connect With Your Higher Self Affirmations:

  • You will have a greater awareness of your own clairvoyance and other psychic powers.
  • You will have no trouble spotting people’s true intentions and motivations.
  • Your life’s purpose and everything you are intended to accomplish are crystal clear in front of you.
  • You can easily uncover messages and answers to your most pressing life questions in books, nature, and even in casual conversation.
  • Every day, you make the decision to be joyful and to not allow unimportant things bother you.
  • You no longer seek love from other people or things.
  • You start to understand that love is an endless stream that originates from within.
  • You are no longer surrounded by negativity.
  • You are no longer scared to say “No”.
  • You have no trouble being authentic to who you are and what you like.
  • Media or the government no longer bother you and will be insignificant.
  • You accept that there is so much more to life and than there are frequently hidden agendas.
  • You start to appreciate everything in life, including the failures.
  • You know everything that occurs is a part of Your Higher Self that is ultimately working in your favor, giving you peace of mind.


The Audio

999 HZ Connect With Your Higher Self Affirmations

What's in the audio?

Isochronic 999 Hz frequency can cleanse you and reprogram your mind, transforming you into a new person, possibly exposing you to an entirely new life. It’s known as the angelic frequency because of the number three representing the Holy Trinity and has been known to help listeners get through some of their toughest, darkest moments and decisions.

Isochronic 5.5 Hz Theta Wave moves you beyond knowledge to knowing, shows vision of growth needed, Inner Guidance, intuition and shows vision of growth needed.

I am in harmony with all that is.
My higher self has all the answers I need.
I am a vibrant soul radiating in a healthy body.
I am in alignment with My higher self.
I am continually aligned with my higher purpose.
I am centered and connected to my higher self.
I have complete faith in the guidance I receive from my higher self.
Connection with my inner spirit brings me constant peace and joy.
As I quiet my mind, I allow my soul to speak.
Every day, I am reaching higher states of consciousness.
I am connected to all that is.
The energy of my higher self is creating miracles in my life.
I am one with myself.
I am divinely guided.
I am connected to source energy.
I trust my intuitive voice.
I release any type of fear because I know my higher-self protects me.
I dissolve all limitations placed on me by others and open myself to be who I really am.
Being connected with my higher self makes me feel able to move mountains.
I am in tune with the infinite wisdom, grace and peace that resides within me.
I am naturally in tune with the source of infinite knowledge and abundance.
I challenge myself to grow and be better than who I was yesterday.
I act in accordance with my higher self.
I have everything I need within myself.
The connection I have with my higher self is growing stronger each day.
My intuition is increased because of my wisdom.
Divine wisdom flows freely into my life.
Every day in every way my intuition grows stronger and stronger.
I am divinely protected.
I am allowing the creative power of the Universe to flow through me.
I am vibrating at a high frequency.
I am shining my unique light in the world.
I allow universal wisdom to flow to me.
Each day I become more and more aware of my amazing potential.
I am where I am supposed to be.
Deep within my being lies the infinite wisdom of the Universe.
I am divinely guided in everything I do.
It is in my destiny to accomplish great things.
My inner self always knows what path to take.
Divine guidance is mine for the asking.
My thoughts are calm and my spirit is ready to connect with the infinite wisdom.
I am fulfilling my soul’s purpose.
I appreciate and cherish my true essence.
I am highly intuitive and deeply receptive.
I completely trust the guidance I receive from my higher self.
I dissolve all limitations placed on me by others and open myself to be who I really am.
I am fully supported to go beyond all limitations.
I let go of everything that no longer benefits me.
Divine order is now at work in my world.
I appreciate and cherish my true essence.
My higher self knows me, believes in me and loves me unconditionally.

The Video


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