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528 Hz Self-Love Affirmations

Self-Love Affirmations

Having Self-Love, you are more assertive, you are able to set boundaries and create healthy relationships with others, practicing self-care, pursuing your interests and goals, and feeling proud of who you are all require Self-Love.

Without Self-Love, you are more likely to be self-critical and succumb to people-pleasing and perfectionism if you don’t love yourself. You are more likely to tolerate the abuse or mistreatment of others. If you do not value yourself, you may disregard your own needs and feelings. You may also self-sabotage or make decisions that are not in your best interests.

When you live out of Self-Love, your every action is in harmony with your state of inner peace. You don’t have to justify your thoughts and actions because they come from a place of spiritual growth.

Through Self-Love, there is accept that you are not perfect and treat yourself with understanding and forgiveness. The compassion you have for yourself, you will also have for others.

Benefits of 528 Hz Self-Love Affirmations:

  • Self-Love helps develop higher self-esteem.
  • Self-Love helps us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others.
  • Self-Love increases happiness.
  • Self-Love helps boost energy and vitality.
  • Self-Love helps motivate and increase productivity.
  • Self-Love helps develop a positive attitude.
  • Self-Love helps develop greater self-esteem.
  • Self-Love can help you feel more satisfied with your life.
  • Self-Love increases your attractiveness.
  • Self-Love improves relationships.
  • Self-Love reduces stress.
  • Self-Love helps you develop healthier habits.
  • Self-Love can boost self-confidence.
  • Self-Love improves sleep quality.
  • Self-Love helps you reach your goals.
  • Self-Love helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The Audio

528 Hz Self Love Affirmations

What's in the audio?

528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency– Stimulates love.

221.23 Hz – Frequency associated with the orbit of Venus –  Associated with Beauty, Love, Sensuality, Harmony.

6.15 Hz – Create feelings of love.

9.0 Hz Alpha Brain Wave – Associated with the Sacral Chakra - linked to creativity, sexuality, and authentic self-expression.

 I love my body and all it does for me.
I am enough.
I am worthy of love.
I respect my own boundaries.
Today, I choose me.
I love the person that I am.
I am loved.
I am deserving of love.
I am kind to myself.
Love flows from within me.
I am beautiful, inside and out.
I embrace my unique individuality.
I deserve happiness.
I let go of negative self talk.
I am whole.
Everything I need is within me.
I am in control of my happiness.
I am capable of reaching my goals.
I accept myself unconditionally.
I do not let my fears hold me back.
I am grateful for all that I have.
I make time to care for myself.
I love and accept all of me.
Loving myself comes easily and naturally.
I am strong and resilient.
I am successful.
My capacity for love is infinite.
I let go of those who do not have my best interests at heart.
I let go of my past and live in the present.
I am growing each and every day.
I forgive myself and learn from my mistakes.
I am a work of art.
I am valued.
I allow myself to feel deeply.
I am open to receive love.
I love the body I was born with.
I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
I overcome challenges with grace and ease.
I have a warm and caring heart.
I am exactly who I need to be in this moment.
I send love to my fears and doubts.
I deflect negativity.
I believe in myself.
I can say no when something does not serve me.
I let go of that which no longer serves me.
I accept compliments easily.
I release any need for suffering.
I have a lot to offer the world.
I love every part of what makes me who I am.
I am blanketed in the Universes’ loving energy.
My life is filled with love and joy.
I have always and will always try my best.
I have achieved great things.
I respect myself.
My life is a place of balance and harmony.
I have the power to change my world.
I choose to stop apologizing for being me.
I am not my mistakes or my flaws.
Others accept and love me for who I am.
I prioritise myself and my needs.
I radiate confidence.
My mind is filled with loving thoughts.
I attract positive and loving people into my life.
The more I practice loving myself, the more lovable I become.
I let love in.
I let my love for myself increase each day.
Love flows freely from inside of me.
I practice self-compassion when I do not succeed.
I honour my own life path.
I honour and respect my limitations.
I have so much to love about myself.
My life is a reflection of the love inside me.
The only approval I need is my own.
I radiate love.
I love my own company.
I do not need anyone to feel worthy.
I attract love and light.
I release the need to judge myself negatively.
Today I start loving myself more.
I am capable of loving fully and completely.
I treat my body with love and care.
I am powerful and confident.
I trust in my ability to make it through difficult times.
I trust my intuition.
My life is full of endless opportunities for success and happiness.
My inner world creates my outer world.
I reward myself for my hard work and dedication.
I am balanced.
The universe supports me, always.
I have a loving relationship with my body.
I can choose self-love whenever I desire.
Loving myself means I am able to love others more.
I have a positive and healing effect on others.
I have so much to celebrate in life.
I am proud of myself.
I choose to view my life positively.
My body is my best friend.
I choose to nourish my health.
I am the healer of my own life.
I am love.

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