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417 Hz Healthy Body Image Affirmations

Healthy Body Image Affirmations

Healthy body image is becoming more and more important these days. That’s because we’re constantly bombarded with unattainable ideals of beauty. Not all of us have great self-confidence and accept ourselves for who we are. Therefore, many try to feel good. Healthy body image not only reflects our physical appearance, but also affects our mental health and well-being. 

Benefits of 417 Hz Healthy Body Image Affirmations:

  • Removing negative energy from the body.
  • Getting back in touch with your body.
  • Heal emotions relating to sexuality, pleasure, intimacy and creativity.
  • Using your imagination.
  • Getting rid of old destructive behavior patterns.
  • Developing a sense of calm.
  • Unblocking the sacral chakra to improve how you think and feel about your body.

The Audio

417 Hz Healthy Body Image Affirmations

What's in the audio?

Solfeggio Frequency 417 Hz: Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change. 417 Hz is known for its ability to dissolve negative energy and promote positive changes.

9 Hz Alpha balances they body and makes aware of imbalances, association with the Sacral chakra while relaxed and when the brain is in an idle state without concentrating on anything.

Isochronic 221.23 Hz is a frequency that is associated with Venus. The association with Venus can provide improvement in feelings of beauty, love, sexuality, sensuality and harmony.

Having a healthy body image comes naturally to me
Feeling positive about my body is normal for me
I naturally love and accept my body
Whenever I look in the mirror I always see something positive
Having a healthy body image improves the quality of my life
I deserve to be confident and happy
Self acceptance comes naturally to me
I find it easy to think positively about my body
People are drawn to me because I am confident in the way I look
My body is beautiful and I respect it deeply
I am beautiful
I love my body
I have a healthy body image
I accept myself completely
I am thankful for my body
I am building a positive body image
My body is perfect just the way it is
I am confident in the way I look
I always feel comfortable in my own skin
I appreciate my body
I will have a healthy body image
I will always love my body no matter what
I am beginning to accept myself more and more
I am beginning to feel content with the way I look
I am becoming happier with my body
Each day I look and feel better
I will always have gratitude for my body
My self acceptance is beginning to change the way other people see me
I am overcoming negativity and building a positive attitude towards myself
I am finding it easier to feel confident in the way I look

The Video


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