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396 Hz Heal Your Insecurities Affirmations

Heal Your Insecurities Affirmations

Insecurities can have many causes and affect many areas of your life. Because it has different causes and effects, a person’s insecurities can vary greatly. Some of the more common types of insecurity include relationship insecurity, social insecurity, body image insecurity, job insecurity and basic needs insecurity. One of the many ways to overcome and Heal Your Insecurities is, by listening to 396 Hz Heal Your Insecurities Affirmations.

Insecurities are a common feeling that almost most people experience at some point and it can have many causes. Insecurities usually manifests as a lack of self-confidence, restlessness and insecurity. By working to accurately identify and respond to uncertainty, a person can minimize its unintended effects and regain new security, stability, and a sense of self that propels them toward happiness and greater well-being. Listening to 396 Hz Heal Your Insecurities Affirmations may assist you with overcoming or Healing Your Insecurities over time.

Heal Your Insecurities Affirmations will help you overcome and heal your feelings of Insecurities, which are uneasy feelings linked to aspects of ourselves that you feel inadequate about or wish were different. You could feel unsure about the world, yourself, and your relationships, as well as lacking self-worth and confidence. Your mental and even physical health can be severely affected by insecurity. Heal Your Insecurities Affirmations can be beneficial in overcoming and healing your insecurities over time.

Benefits of 396 Hz Heal Your Insecurities Affirmations:

  • Let go of your past insecurities.
  • Set clear boundaries.
  • Feel safe and secure in your relationship.
  • Feel naturally good enough for anyone.
  • No longer needing validation from anyone.

The Audio

396 Hz Insecurities Affirmations

What's in the audio?

Solfeggio 396 Hz, frequency searches out hidden blockages, subconscious negative beliefs, and ideas that have led to your present situations.

Isochronic 140.25 Hz frequency associated with the orbit of Pluto and can help with crisis & changes.

Isochronic 3 Hz Delta waves are associated with deep dreamless sleep and loss of body awareness.

I let go of my past insecurities and focus completely on feeling confident, secure and independent.
I am unique and worthy of love just as everybody else.
I don`t need to impress anyone.
I don`t care what people think of me.
My opinion matters.
My voice matters.
My feelings matter.
My opinions are important.
I set clear boundaries and everyone respects all that I am.
My self esteem is higher than it has ever been.
I have a loving and supportive partner.
I completely trust my relationship with my partner.
I feel safe and secure in my relationship.
My partner loves me and accepts me for who I am.
I am worthy of love and appreciation.
I easily find a solution to any problem I encounter.
I have the power to change anything in my life that I no longer resonate with.
I love and accept myself as I am.
I feel confident with my body, my job and my life in general.
I choose to feel good about myself in every situation.
I can easily overcome any hard or challenging situation.
I am a strong person with high self-esteem and people around me feel that.
I always do the things I love
I believe in myself
I simply love who I am
I am always honest with myself
I am talented at many things
I realize that I am equal to my peers
I am naturally immune from jealousy
I am naturally good enough for anyone
People care about what I have to say
I am always important to others
I am confident with myself
I am unique
I am special
I bring something different to my environment
I am a great person
I am a strong-minded individual
My opinions are important
I see the world for what it is
I am as important as anyone else
I am original

The Video


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