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222 Hz Inner and Outer Life Balance Affirmations

Inner and Outer Life Balance Affirmations

In today’s world, a tension between the inner self and the outer self is common. Every day, each of us is being pulled in many directions and as a result, our actions and behaviors are not always aligned with our core values.

The inner World contains your pure sense knowledge that you have access to your inner wisdom through your intuition and awareness. This information comes when you connect with the natural and organic information that Earth Consciousness offers you.

The Outer World contains information learned from your experiences in the 3D world and information provided by authorities and influencers in your life.

Becoming aware of one’s inner self and its balance with the outer self is the basis of good mental, physical, and spiritual health.

True happiness cannot be found in your outer life without balancing one’s inner life.

This is an important aspect to consider as you work towards a good balance in your inner and outer life.

When you see the number 222 you need to find balance in your life, work on building a positive mental attitude and take the message as an affirmation that you are doing the right thing and doing a great job.

The number 222 means developing your spirituality to further enrich your life. The number 222 signifies peace and harmony of mind and soul.

The number 222 is a combination of 2 representing balance and 22 the Master Builder number. The Master Number relates to the great potency of miracles manifesting in your life and balance.

Benefits of 222 Hz Inner and Outer Life Balance Affirmations:

  • Achieve greater balance between your thoughts and actions.
  • Claim your power and move beyond all limitations.
  • Balance is integrated into all aspects of your life.
  • Strongly connect to your higher self.
  • Enjoy a balanced lifestyle!
  • Let go of attachments.
  • Live in the present moment.
  • Live in the balance between peace and ambition.
  • Feel balanced and patient.
  • Accept the beliefs and make changes if necessary.
  • Find happiness by knowing your worth and being content with who you are.
  • Become more and more creative.
  • Peace is one of the greatest benefits of a healthy balance between inner and outer life.
  • Start doing more important things.
  • Cultivate deeper connections with loyal and faithful friends over time.
  • Treat the past well and put it in its place.

The Audio

222 Hz Inner and Outer Life Balance Affirmations

What's in the audio?

222 Hz Inner and Outer Life Balance Affirmations

Isochronic 222 Hz frequency allows maintain the right balance between having peace and harmony of your mind and soul, balancing your inner and outer self.

Isochronic 8 Hz - 10 Hz Alpha Waves for inner-awareness of self, mind and body integration and balance.

All areas of my life are harmonious and balanced.
I am loved, and I am at peace.
I appreciate everything that I have.
All aspects of my life are in perfect alignment.
I always listen to my inner guide.
Everything is working out for my highest good.
My spirit is at peace.
I can let go of fear and embrace peace.
Every day I achieve greater balance between my thoughts and my actions.
I am at peace and everything is falling into place.
I forgive myself and set myself free.
Positive energy flows to me.
I trust the process of life.
I know I’m being guided toward the highest good.
I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do.
I embrace life.
Life supports me in every possible way.
I claim my power and move beyond all limitations.
I welcome miracles into my life.
I appreciate everything that I have.
I am Divinely guided and protected at all times.
My life is a gift.
Every thought I think is creating my future.
I am calm.
As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.
My life is wonderful.
Life loves me!
All that I seek is already within me.
I am deeply loved by the universe.
Balance is integrated into all aspects of my life.
The tools I need to succeed are in my possession.
I am strongly connected to my higher self.
My happy thoughts help create my healthy body.
I am connected to all that is.
I am enjoying my balanced lifestyle!
I am balanced and in harmony with my inner self and the Universe.
I let go of attachments.
I continue to pour my loving efforts into leading a balanced, enriched and rewarding life.
My day begins and ends with gratitude.
I maintain a balanced professional and personal life!
I live in the present moment.
Balanced living is so natural and easy for me.
I am healthy, whole, and complete.
I awaken for the day feeling happy and enthusiastic about life
I trust that my life is what it needs to be.
I find joy and pleasure in the most simple things in life.
I live in the balance between peace and ambition.
I am healthy, energetic and optimistic.
I am becoming more knowledgeable and wiser with each day.
I am at peace and happy when I’m alone.
I approve of myself and love myself deeply and completely.
This day will bring me nothing but joy, fulfillment and happiness.
I am in control of my life.
I know that I am always deeply relaxed, centered and balanced in every way.
I feel balanced and patient.
I am always deeply relaxed and centered, balanced in every way.
My life is balanced; my mind is balanced; the world is right.
I feel joy and contentment at this moment right now.
I am exactly where I need to be in this moment.

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