Frequencies of Change


Affirmations are phrases designed to influence and program the conscious and subconscious, leading to changes in our behavior, thought patterns, habits and beliefs.

It’s possible that a part of you could be resisting the affirmations. Even if it’s positive, it may be out of your comfort zone. Another reason is that the affirmation may make you feel uneasy. If we do not believe in the affirmation, it is likely that feelings of resistance will arise. Affirmations combined with frequency music which my include brainwave, isochronic, solfeggio or binaural beats, are a powerful healing combination. When the mind-body connection begins to heal, emotions can arise which is a natural part of personal , spiritual development and growth.

Affirmations are meticulously structured positive statements that are repeated on a daily basis for at least 40 days minimum to 90 days delivered to your conscious mind.

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